Dimitrenko is anxious to get in the ring with Sosnowski

By Johnny Walker

Universum Boxing Promotions of Germany has posted an official video of their fighter Alexander “Sascha” Dimitrenko’s collapsing, which happened in the dressing room right before he was scheduled to enter the ring to defend his European heavyweight title against Polish challenger Albert Sosnowski on Saturday, Dec. 4 in Schwerin, Germany.

The video first shows Dimitrenko walking woozily around the dressing room, and then jumps to footage of him collapsed on the floor as other fighters and security people mill around the area.

Dimitrenko has undergone a series of tests at Helios Klinik in Schwerin and will be having more testing done this week in Hamburg, Germany.  At this time, the exact cause of Dimitrenko’s frightening collapse remains unknown. 

“I apologize to the fans in the arena and watching on television, but I hope I’m healthy again quickly and can take this fight. I would like to defend my title against Sosnowski as soon as possible,” Dimitrenko said in a statement.

According to Universum, Dimitrenko retains his title, with the fight due to be rescheduled in the near future, Dimitrenko’s health permitting.