Sascha Dimitrenko collapsed to the floor of his dressing room

By Johnny Walker

The scheduled fight for the European heavyweight title between defending champion Alexander “Sascha” Dimitrenko and challenger Albert Sosnowski at the Sport and Congress Center in Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, was cancelled tonight when Dimitrenko collapsed to the floor in the dressing room right before the bout.

Germany’s Sport 1 television network showed Dimitrenko sprawled on the floor in front of his chair, with his legs jammed under a nearby couch.  There was general confusion as to what had taken place, as other fighters on the card entered the area to rubberneck and then were ushered out by security.

Sosnowski, the Polish-born challenger now based in the UK, had lost last time out in a game effort against WBC heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko.  He was interviewed by Sport 1 after the cancellation, and was clearly chagrined at the unfortunate turn of events. 

“I’m disappointed … it was two months of training,” said Sosnowski. 

Sosnowski, who expressed concern for Dimitrenko’s health, went on to say that, according to his information, the Germany-based Ukrainian champ had become “nervous” as the fight neared and had experienced some kind of attack. 

Sport 1 cameras showed Dimitrenko being wheeled out of the Center on a stretcher and into an awaiting ambulance.

According to Sosnowski, it is not yet known if the bout will be rescheduled or cancelled altogether.