Javier Capetillo and Antonio Margarito

By Johnny Walker

The “Bible of Boxing,” The Ring magazine, has just published an in-depth interview with Javier Capetillo, disgraced ex-trainer of Antonio Margarito

With the Margarito – Manny Pacquiao fight only days away, the until-now silent Capetillo responds to Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach’s allegations that Margarito had been using illegal hand wraps in previous fights with Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron: ““I respect Freddie Roach … He’s a great trainer, but someone needs to tell him to stop being an a__hole” says Capetillo. “I thought he was a friend before the Mosley fight. He was always friendly, but since the incident, all he’s done is run his mouth.”

Capetillo goes on to deny that Margarito’s signature wins were the product of anything but the fighter’s own talent.  “I think Freddie knows we didn’t cheat in any of those fights,” he says. “What he’s doing now is selling the controversy. He’s selling it to the media, the media is running with it and the public is buying it.”

As for the illegal wraps that were found before Margarito’s KO loss to “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Capetillo says he was panicked by his fighter’s drastic efforts to make weight for the fight — which left Margarito drained, weak and ill, with flu-like symptoms — leading him to make a mistake: “It was too late to pull out of the fight. But I want to make it clear that I did not plan what happened. Maybe I was feeling the pressure of the fight and not paying attention to what I was doing when I reached into my bag and grabbed the training gauze, but I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Capetillo makes it clear that he still has great admiration for his former pupil, and picks him to stop the Pac-man: “Tony has never fought with anything illegal in his gloves. He won’t have anything in his gloves on Saturday, they’ll make sure of that, and he’ll beat Pacquiao.”